Tech Futures is involved in a number of projects which showcase the depth of the programs and services we offer, along with the expertise available to clients and partners. The videos below are just a few examples of how we're contributing to globally competitive commerce and the province's innovation capacity.

Advanced Materials

Tech Futures' Advanced Materials team offers a wealth of experience, technical expertise and technologies in four engineering fields: Surface, Corrosion, Fluid Systems, and Welding. They work closely with industry partners to develop solutions to some of the challenges currently facing oil sands operators and supply chain companies.

Bioresource Technologies

From seed to final product, and everything in between. Discover the expertise, technologies and innovation that goes into optimizing seed performance, converting waste biomass into value-added products, and rigorous testing of final results within Tech Futures' Bioresource Technologies group.

Microbial Fermentation

Learn about Tech Futures' microbial fermentation technology and services, helping to move products and processes from lab to market.

Industrial Sensors Technologies at Tech Futures

Industrial Sensors Technologies engages in research, development and deployment of measurement systems for the oil sands, mining, and pulp and paper industries.

Lab-free testing for thyroid disease

Patients with thyroid disease will soon be able to get their medication adjusted in a single visit to the doctor's office. NanoSpeed Diagnostics has developed a new test that measures 3 hormone levels at once, in less than 15 minutes.


Frank Tosto explains how AITF's newly commissioned CelluloseNanoCrystals (CNC) pilot plant will begin producing these most extraordinary nanocrystals from sources like wood pulp.

Monitoring Wildlife

AITF's Michelle Hiltz and Luke Nolan share how new techniques for monitoring wildlife arepart of assessing and managing our ecosystem.

Enertracker: A Tool for Monitoring Energy Consumption

Enertracker is a tool that gives homeowners real-time data on the energy their appliances use. With this data, awareness, understanding and greater control over energy choices and options is possible.

Wilson Analytical

The QuatBox makes pipe monitoring faster than ever. Acting like a "lab on a tailgate", the device allows workers to stay in the field to monitor corrosion inhibitor levels.

Environmental Analytical Services at AITF

Take a quick tour of AITF's one stop laboratory for environmental monitoring, with Julius Pretorius.

Pipeline Corrosion Mitigation

Team Lead Harry Tsaprailis outlines AITF's ongoing efforts to improve pipeline integrity and manage corrosion.

Pipeline Testing

Brian Wagg, C-FER's Director of Business Development and Planning, outlines many of the unique pipeline-related testing services C-FER provides.

Sensor Web

AITF-Microsoft Industry Chair Steve Liang is leading the development of Sensor Web, an open network that enables users to connect sensor data to a centralized online database.

Improving Fuel Efficiency through Nano-Scale Particle Combustion

iCORE Chair Craig Johansen's research focuses on how adding nano-scale metallic particles to fuels and working fluids can improve efficiency of conventional engineering systems.

Everyday sensors used to study neurons

Technology used in ordinary devices like cell phones and cameras could soon diagnose and treat brain injuries. Using CMOS sensors, the technology will help medical experts study neurons and other tissues and understand how the brain works.

Technology Alberta Launch

At a unique "speed networking" event held at Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, 250 people comprised of Alberta's high tech companies, succesful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists,and job seekers mixed and mingled.

Hemp Fashion Show

Industrial hemp textiles are slowly gaining acceptance with a new following among designers and consumers in Canada. Manufacturers of today's hemp garments claim the fibres are strong and wear better than other natural or synthetic fibres.

Reverse Trade Mission

On January 29, 2013, AITF hosted its first-ever Reverse Trade Mission, where key representatives from the Government of Alberta’s 10 international offices met with a dozen Alberta-based companies ready to take their innovative business to international customers.

Machine learning - computers that think

Machine learning combines advanced computing, life sciences and statistics to create computers that think. It can help Alberta business gain a competitive edge in the market.

Summit 2012

Environmental Monitoring is the chosen theme at the 2012 Alberta Innovates Summit in Banff. Participantshad a chance for discussion on this topic that is both relevantand urgent.


Edmonton-based Silvacom started out as a forestry consulting group. TECTERRA is working with Silvacom on a market analysis for a wider range of products and services related to geospacial information systems, processes and software programming.

Trusted Positioning

With funding support from TECTERRA, Trusted Positioning has been able to accelerate development of their mobile device-based GPS and sensor navigation systems to move products into market.

Blackbridge Geomatics

Calgary-based Blackbridge Geomatics is a leader in receiving, archiving and providing the imagery and remote sensing data vital to a wide range of industries including forestry, oil, gas and mining. With TECTERRA's help Blackbridge Geomatics is developing a software solution modernizing Agriculture Canada's historical geographic records.

Hemp processing plant planned for Lethbridge

Mike Duckett lives in England but willbe coming to Alberta is to build a facility that will process hemp straw and fibre. Through AITF and the Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre (ABDC),Stemia has found expertise and support to establish North America's first hemp processing plant,opening 2013 near Lethbridge.


Wireless sensor technology company Scanimetrics is in the business of measuring the structural integrity of heavy equipment. They turned to TECTERRA to help shift their market focus from semi-conductor companies, to companies monitoring heavy equipment durability.


AITF's nanoAlberta is coordinating initiatives for world-class nanotechnology research, development and commercialization to help realize $20 billion of nanotechnology commerce in Alberta by 2020.


Through the supports of Tech Futures, TECTERRA offers a full range of support programs, enabling Canadian companies to bring innovative geomatics solutions to market.

Boreal Laser

Boreal Laser is in the business of developing and constructing lasers. They have developed a high-end detection system in which a laser beam that is tuned to specific absorption lines of individual gases in the infrared spectrum is shone through ambient air in order to detect toxic gas.

Absolute Trac

Calgary-based Absolute Trac is getting support from TECTERRA on a pilot work-alone monitoring system in the North West Territories. The technology has applications for companies needing to keep track of employees working in remote areas.

Land Stewardship Program

Follow land steward Jan Noskiye as she travels Northern Alberta, supporting the people of the Bigstone Cree Nation. She helps to negotiate with industries wishing to search for or extract natural resources on traditional lands.

Alberta Metal Fabrication Innovation Launch

Tour of the facilities of the Alberta Metal Fab Innovation (AMFI) program atthe Devon Research Centre, where western Canadian companies can access the latest technology and collaborative expertise in order to maintain their competitive edge as suppliers to the oil sands industry.

Tech Futures Summit

Representatives from academia, industry and government of Alberta's Innovation System discuss challenges in bringing technology from the lab to market at the 2011 Tech Futures Summit in Banff.

Biomaterials Processing Facility

A showcase of theAlberta Biomaterials Development Centre in Vegreville,specifically highlighting the Biofibres development team, and examples of materials made from Biofibres at theAITF labs.

Logistik Unicorp

Scott McKeen interviews AITF industry partner Frances Bibeau, on why they are doing business in Alberta, why they use hemp in the uniforms and clothing they make, and the advantages of hemp.