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Often entrepreneurs have great and innovative ideas but are unsure which route to take to see if their creations have legs. One of Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures’ (AITF) goals is to help de-risk technology investment and facilitate commercialization. This was the case with Sexsmith-based Integrity Technologies Inc., which sought support from AITF through the Regional Innovation Network.


 Lindsay Wadsworth, owner of Integrity Technologies
Integrity Technologies has been servicing oilfields in northern Alberta since 1989. By 2010, the company required a better way to track staff and inventory in the field. Unable to find a software solution to meet his specific needs, Integrity owner Lindsay Wadsworth tinkered with and improved on existing solutions to create his own system.

His own clients soon recognized the benefits of the platform he created and wanted to buy it for use with their companies. Wadsworth eventually engaged AITF and its Technology Development Advisor (TDA) working in the Regional Innovation Network. These advisors are senior business specialists working in the six networks throughout Alberta. These networks and business specialists provide access to commercialization expertise and services that new and growing businesses in the province often have trouble finding.


  • Integrity Technologies was approved for an $8,000 Micro-Voucher in January 2015. The grant was applied towards research towards a patent-pending product called Sight Surveillance. These vouchers are designed to support innovation and creative problem solving in small and medium enterprises.
  • Sight Surveillance is a real-time personnel, asset tracking, and logistics management solution used in project management situations where communications and transfer of data is limited because of location and geography.
  • Other AITF supports include coaching, mentoring and pathfinding services as well as funding to attend programs offered by Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation- WEST (CETAC-WEST).
    • “I think I would still be spinning my wheels. I don’t think I would have gone down the path to better my product. Making it, I knew I’d need to generate market share, but I had no internal support to expand it. Without AITF supporting me to say, ‘You can do this,’ I wouldn’t have done anything. The support provided by AITF, the Regional Innovation Network and the TDAs has been amazing.”


  • In the fall of 2015, Wadsworth won the Grande Prairie and Region Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week Innovator of the Year.
  • Integrity Technologies Inc. was also one of only three in Canada to obtain a Motorola Development Licence in 2015, which may enable to the company to deliver Integrity’s innovative software on industry-leading Motorola radios.
  • Another plus stemming from Wadsworth’s interaction with AITF is that he now has a larger network of advisors providing insights for him to consider, all of which will lead to a better decision making process for innovation and future business growth.
  • AITF’s commercialization support of Sight Surveillance is helping support core provincial industry sectors such as oil and gas, pipelines, the environment and forestry.
  • Looking forward, Integrity Technologies will be engaging major oil and gas companies and provincial forest fighting agencies to participate in further research and development under TECTERRA and/or AITF Product Demonstration Program.
  • Visit here for more information on how AITF can get your idea off your desk and onto someone’s desktop.

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Bob Hall
Technology Development Advisor
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
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Lindsay Wadsworth
Integrity Technologies Inc.
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