Photo courtesy of the Calgary HeraldTech Futures' Dr. Stefan Bachu Featured as One of Alberta’s Solution-Makers in the CCS supplement in the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal and National Post

The article, “CCS’s Bulldog,” is part of the Alberta Energy campaign, “Solutions Start Here,” aimed at educating Albertans about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Dr. Bachu is featured as Alberta’s leading authority on CCS, in recognition of his accomplishments in winning the 2007 Nobel Prize as part of the team of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the more than two decades of dedicated effort he’s applied to building Alberta’s leadership in CO2 storage. Stefan’s influence doesn’t stop in Alberta, he has also taken a central role in guiding CCS applications internationally.

Stefan is known for generously offering his perspectives to help educate people about the science behind CCS and the intense rigor that Alberta is applying to inform the application of CCS technologies. “I’m at the stage in my life where it’s not just the scientific discovery that counts, but a broad understanding of the issues and the ability to influence and affect events,” he says. “I want to see CCS succeed in the real world.”

As part of the same campaign, you can catch Dr. James Brydie in this television commercial that explains CCS. Dr. Brydie, who heads up the CO2 Storage Monitoring team with Tech Futures, is part of the Alberta Department of Energy’s (ADOE) CCS Regulatory Framework Assessment process that Dr. Bachu co-chairs. The group is focusing on technologies for monitoring the behaviour and fate of CO2 after it has been injected underground to ensure public safety.

Tech Futures has a long history of providing technical leadership in the area of CO2 storage. As Alberta organizations now take steps to pursue large-scale initiatives (among the largest in the world), the technological expertise we have developed, along with our connections to other technology providers within Alberta – both large and small – continues to position Tech Futures as a central node for the deployment of this critical technology for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases associated with industrial activity.

Photo courtesy of the Calgary Herald.

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